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Be The First To Teach GOB Chemistry Labs Completely Online!

General, organic, and biochemistry is a new chemistry discipline that has been gaining quick popularity. As the leading provider of distance lab kits, we had to jump on this new exciting adventure. Since distance and online education is growing every year, we want to ensure that the right products are out there for educators to complete their mission. GOB chemistry is a discipline that is specifically modeled for students that are non-chemistry majors, and that is exactly what we had in mind when forming our kits.

While we still offer our chemistry kits, the GOB chemistry kits specifically teach this target audience, with an emphasis on students majoring in health sciences. We have changed our chemistry curriculum and language around to be perfect for a one or two semester course for students that are not STEM oriented and don’t need to get into the “nitty gritty” of chemistry.

With 32 unique lab lessons offered, GOB students will learn about:

  • Performing measurements using a graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, and other instruments.
  • How molecules are modeled with Lewis Dot Structures and VSEPR models.
  • How ionic and molecular compounds are named.
  • Concepts surrounding the mole.
  • The classification of alcohols and other properties.
  • And much more!

We are incredibly excited about this new kit and curriculum for chemistry professors and instructors!

Learn more about our new kit here.

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We Doubled Our Referral Rewards Until September 30th!

We at Hands-On Labs know that distance education is a powerful concept that brings education to people that either don’t have the resources and time or aren’t in an ideal location for a college degree. However, distance education is only as powerful as the tools you use to deliver it! That is why we are doubling our referral reward until September 30th! So you can help your colleagues get the right tools for the job, and get a sweet reward for it.

If you refer a friend or colleague and they adopt by September 30th, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card! Oh yeah! Click here to refer.

Note: The form allows up to five referrals at a time. However, you can use the form multiple times if you so desire! Adoptions must occur by September 30th to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. If adoption takes place after September 30th, you will receive the regular reward of a $50 Amazon gift card.

HOL Receives the McKinney Award for Outstanding Volunteer Group – Presented By The Tennyson Center For Children.

At Hands-On Labs, our community is at the center of everything that we do. Throughout the year we partner with different local institutions to engage and give back. One organization that we have become very fond of is the Tennyson Center for Children. The Tennyson Center for Children is an organization that empowers children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma to bravely and safely change their life’s story.


20160310_172715_resizedHands-On Labs was honored with the opportunity to host multiple events at the Tennyson Center including an ice-cream social, Santa shop, taco night, game night, and many more. Our employee volunteers immediately fell in love with the children. As our CEO puts it “This may be one of those situations that we get credit for making a difference when perhaps they are the ones making a difference in our lives. ”


Naomi TennysonOn Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 Hands-On Labs was awarded Outstanding Volunteer Group of the year at an appreciation brunch. This honor would not have been possible without all the coordination and extra effort that one of our rockstar employees put into it: Naomi Lowell. Naomi went above and beyond, taking it upon herself to make sure every event ran smoothly. She spent untold hours coordinating and making things at night and on the weekends. Hands-On Labs is extremely proud to have Naomi Lowell on our team!


In Naomi’s words “Volunteering at the Tennyson Center has been an incredible experience for me, it feels good to do good!  The HOL family is honored to receive the McKinney Award.”


For more information and to learn how you too can get involved with the Tennyson Center please visit their website:

Naomi Lowell Receiving McKinney award on behalf of Hands-On Labs

HOL Gives

Community involvement is at the heart of our Hands-On Learning team, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact through service and philanthropy. Here is an infographic summarizing some of our team’s efforts that made an impact in our community in 2015.

Hands-On Learning Community Efforts Infographic




Hands-On Labs Visits the Malley Senior Recreation Center

The Malley Center and Volunteers of America (VOA) team up to serve a great lunch every weekday in the Malley Center Ballroom. On Friday, November 13th some of our team members visited the Malley Center during lunch. Our employees helped serving lunch for the seniors and had a great time socializing with all of them!


If you wish to volunteer or sign up for the program please contact Nancy, Meal Site Coordinator, at 303-762-2664 for more information. Or visit their website by following this link.