What is included in our science lab kits?

Hands-On Labs is the ONLY provider to:

  • Provide experiments and lab-grade equipment demanded in the traditional campus laboratory setting
  • Promote anytime, anywhere learning by hosting lab content in the cloud
  • Achieve certification by Quality Matters
  • Create rigorous content written by PhD-level scientists and reviewed by a panel of respected professors
  • Generate market research proving that our solutions reduce drop rates and increase student learning outcomes

The experiments are hands-on

Decades of research support that hands-on experiences are critical to STEM competencies, and Hands-On Learning believes that all students should receive a world-class education. HOL is not willing to follow the path of virtual labs, which deny students the real-world competencies required for practical applications. Click here for resources about hands-on learning.

Content is hosted in a cloud-based platform

Blending active science experimentation with cutting-edge technology yields a powerful yet flexible educational experience. Our cloud-based platforms facilitate integration of multimedia applications, automated assessments, and metacognitive layouts that increase student comprehension of complex science topics. The result is that students are better prepared to formulate hypotheses, execute experiments, analyze data, and evaluate outcomes. Our integrative technology incorporates the most modern pedagogies and takes the pressure off the instructor.

For more about the types of experiments and materials you receive in each science lab kit, see our Course Descriptions or contact us to speak with a consultant.

Content You Can Trust

Hands-On Learning provides you with the most trusted content and curriculum on the market.

  • HOL has the ONLY lab content certified by Quality Matters (QM). QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning. Click here to see if your course meets their standards.
  • Curriculum is reviewed and vetted by a Board of Advisors that contains a minimum of three subject matter experts within the discipline. Advisors include individuals who are actively teaching in a distance learning environment at a trusted institution. All advisors are expected to be experts in their field as well as having extensive knowledge of curriculum development and course design.
  • All of Hands-On Labs’ authors are required to have either a PhD or Master’s-level science degree; they must exhibit a strong history and knowledge of science research, curriculum development, and teaching college-level students.

Getting Set Up

The instructor experience is as important as the student experience.

Hands-On Labs partners with you to design a course around your learning objectives and your budget. After inviting your students with three fast clicks, your course is ready to go. It’s that easy!

Our engineers will work behind the scenes to construct all of the physical lab equipment and curriculum that your students need. Students can purchase their kits on our website or through your campus bookstore. We ship all over the globe.

You may choose to add extra flavor to your course by creating content in our cloud-based platforms. This may include introducing yourself in a short video, adding links to a recent news article, or creating a midterm exam. The platforms are very easy to use and we provide you with one-on-one training and step-by-step “how-to” guides as requested.

ADA Compliance

Our commitment is to ensure that the information and services provided by Hands-On Labs are available to all who seek to access them, including people with disabilities. Toward this goal, Hands-On Labs prides itself on creating content that meets the standards set forth in the (Federal) Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards.

Our team is ready to field any questions you may have. Reach out to us at 1-866-206-0773 or info@holscience.com.