Hands-On Labs is the pioneer and continuing leader in technology and online science for higher education. For over 20 years, Hands-On Labs has been producing high-quality physical lab kits that mirror the traditional campus science laboratory experience in a distance learning setting. Hands-On Labs provides instructors and students the most trusted materials, content and curriculum on the market with its interactive cloud-based platform. Hands-On Labs’s innovative fusion of cutting-edge technology and modern pedagogies maintain their best-in-class status during the rapid evolution of the educational market.

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Marc LaBella, M.S.Ocean County College has been partnered with Hands-On Labs since 2007, and in that time, HOL has been there for us with respect to our extensive online growth. HOL has created customized science lab kits for our increasing  number of online science courses (including Forensic Science), and has responded to all of our requests as quickly as we ask for them. Their lab kits are an excellent complement to our courses. Their expertise in the Sciences and their customer service are second to none. 

— Marc Labella, Ocean County College


shay beanI have been using Hands-On Labs in our online General Chemistry course for two semesters and I am very happy with both the product and the support! Hands-On Labs is great! The lab kits and experimental procedures provided are very similar to our on-ground General Chemistry labs. Our online students love getting to perform hands-on chemistry experiments at home, and I love that they are getting an experience that is very similar to our on-ground students. The product works well in our course, and the support we receive is outstanding!  

— Shay Bean, Chattanooga State Community College


christy franklinI am currently using Hands-On Labs kits for my Microbiology class at American Public University. I’m wrapping up in week 8 and I’m getting some feedback on the labs. The reviews are rave! They are five star positive! The students had an excellent experience and loved the labs. The students liked the two-week spread and one comment states it’s the best lab they have ever had and they have learned more using HOL kits than with any other class they ever had. . They feel the pace was right, they were not overwhelmed, the content was challenging but they learned more about microbes than they ever thought they would. We are extremely pleased with our Hands-On Labs experience.

— Christy Rothermund-Franklin, American Public University

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